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5 Tips for Giving a Sympathy Gift

5 Tips for Giving a Sympathy Gift

Someone in your life has suffered a loss, such as a death in their family, and now they are going through a difficult time. You want to help them and show that you are there for them but aren’t sure how to do so.

Even though finding a condolence gift can be daunting, there are some basic steps and tips that you can use to help you pick the perfect one. If you need help picking a unique sympathy gift, keep reading and we can help guide you through the process.

1. Include a Message

One of the most important parts of expressing how you care is to personalize your sympathy gift. One of the best, and easiest, ways to do that is to include a card or message.

When writing a message to go with your gift, make sure that:

  • Your message is unique to that person.
  • Try to avoid a lot of clichés, as this is a sensitive, stressful time.
  • Make sure that the focus is on the person receiving the gift, and not yourself.

 Remember, thoughtfulness is key in crafting this personalized message.

 2. Pick the Best Time to Send a Gift

The most common time to send a sympathy gift is within two weeks of receiving the news. However, you can send it at any time. The best way to time a condolence gift should be whenever you know it is best for the person.

For example, if you know that a friend would appreciate a sympathy gift more after a funeral, it is perfectly acceptable to send it then. It could be considered even more thoughtful because it shows the person’s grief is not forgotten post-event.

3. Send the Gift to the Right Person

When a friend has a relative that has passed away, it is easy to know who you should send your sympathy gift to. However, what if one of your friends has passed, and you want to send a gift to their family?

If you aren’t sure who you should send your sympathy gift to, it is considered respectful to send it to the deceased’s partner or oldest child. Another option is to send it to the person in charge of the funeral. This way, the gift will be sure to find its way to the correct person. 

4. Be Considerate of Recipient’s Customs and Preferences

 Depending on the person, there may be some additional cultural, religious, or lifestyle considerations you need to account for when choosing a gift. Some examples of religious considerations include the following:

  • Judaism – After the death of a loved one, those from the Jewish faith observe a mourning period called sitting shiva. Flowers are not present at Jewish funerals or shiva. However, food is a wonderfully thoughtful way to show that you’re thinking about the family during this tradition. It’s one less thing for the family to consider as people come to pay their respects. If you decide to send food, make sure you know if they eat kosher.
  • Islam – It is customary to provide the family of the deceased with three days’ worth of food following the funeral. In this case, an edible present, such as a sympathy gift basket, may be a suitable gift.

 Another possible aspect is if the recipient has chosen or cannot eat certain foods. An example would be a gluten allergy, in which case it would be best to send a gift that is gluten free.

By keeping certain preferences or restrictions in mind, it will create ease during this difficult time for your friends or family.

5. Be Detail Oriented

 While it may seem obvious, sympathy gifts need to be picked out thoughtfully, and all details considered. Obvious gaffes include misspelling the person’s name, sending a gift with food the person will not like/cannot eat, gifts for the wrong occasion, etc.

No detail is too small or insignificant to plan out or include, so be sure to consider every component of the gift. 

Sympathy gifts are a thoughtful way to help bring comfort to a bereaved friend or family member. These tips can help guide you to finding a gift that shows you care.

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