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Corporate Gift Giving During COVID-19

Corporate Gift Giving During COVID-19

Finding the right gifts for your customers or vendors is never easy during the holiday season, but COVID-19 has added an extra challenge to corporate holiday gift-giving. While your company might have relied on certain gifts in years past, you may need to rethink your strategy this year.

While it is excellent to have a corporate holiday gift-giving strategy, there are a few extra steps that you can take in 2020 that will help make your gift extra thoughtful.

Send Individually Wrapped Gifts

While sending something such as a large, unwrapped present that is shared by everyone might have been fine last year, this will not be feasible in 2020.

Instead, you could send individually packaged items, such as cookies. This is something our business gifting team at Tate’s can help advise on to allow you to make the best selection for your gifting needs. Safety is now a key part of giving a corporate gift, and by having gifts that are individually wrapped, it can be seen as an extra measure of thoughtfulness and care.

Research Where to Send the Gift

Pre-COVID, it was normal to just send a corporate gift to the main office of a company. Now, however, it depends on whether employees have become semi or completely remote.

It is a good idea to check with your company contact(s) to ensure that someone is picking up mail and packages or determine if there is a different location that you can send your corporate gift. Especially for the holidays or a work anniversary, it is important that your gift is timed well.

Choose a Gift That Will Be a Crowd Pleaser

Now more than ever, it is important to send a gift for clients and corporations that will be a good fit for everyone in order to convey your appreciation.

 It is important to know about any food allergies, religious preferences, etc. that may have an impact on what you send. For instance, if you are sending packs of cookies to a small business, and you know that some employees have gluten allergies, it would be best to send gluten-free cookies as part of the gift.

Consider E-Gifting Options

One option that could be helpful is e-gifting. This is a great way to show your appreciation of a corporation while maintaining safety.

An example of an e-gift idea is our eGift Cards. You can choose whatever amount you want for our online store, and then send it to the user by email on a specific date. It’s completely contactless while allowing the user to pick out whatever sweet treats they want from our store to be delivered right to their home.

Don’t Forget Your Own Employees!

Of course, as the holidays approach you may want to send some gifts to your own employees. The following are examples of safe, fun items you can send your teams:

Remember, keep the gifts safe but thoughtful.

While COVID-19 has made corporate gifting a little more difficult, it is very possible to still send a thoughtful gift to companies that have helped make this year a little easier for your business. Tate’s Bake Shop also offers business gifting services to make holiday gifting simple and stress-free. Our advisors can help you create the perfect gift that fits your goals and budget.

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