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Five Delicious Cookie and Drink Pairings | Tate's Bake Shop

Five Delicious Cookie and Drink Pairings | Tate's Bake Shop

Everyone loves cookies. They’re sweet, delicious, and strike just the right balance between crispy, chewy, and melty. Plus, with so many varieties of cookies out there, even the most dessert-averse are likely to find a cookie they enjoy.

Of course, with a sweet treat, you might be looking for the perfect drink to go with it. Enjoy one of these tried-and-true cookie-and-beverage pairings the next time your sweet tooth hits.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk

It’s hard to deny the near-universal appeal of a warm chocolate chip cookie paired with a cold glass of milk. Whether it reminds you of your favorite childhood memories or serves as a comforting treat on a cold night, this is classic combo is loved by all.

Those who like to dunk their cookies but don’t like when they break will love Tate’s crispy cookies. They are perfect for dunking in milk. Stock up on our chocolate chip cookies so you can easily enjoy this combo any night of the week!

2. Coconut Crisp Cookies and Fresh Limeade

The classic, tropical flavor pairing of lime and coconut has been around for centuries. The tart, bright acidity of freshly made limeade both stands up to and balances the rich, creamy, nuttiness of coconut cookies. For the best taste pairing, keep the limeade on the tart side. We especially like this combination as a treat on warm, summer days.

Looking to try this drink and cookie pairing? Purchase our coconut crisp cookies!

3. Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brazilian Coffee

Take a break from a biscotti and try dipping a walnut chocolate chip cookie in your coffee instead. Coffee and chocolate are widely recognized as complementary flavors that enhance and intensify one another.

The warm, nutty undertones of Brazilian-style roast coffees are a perfect partner for both rich, mellow walnuts, and semisweet chocolate chips. That’s why we love our walnut chocolate chip cookies with coffee. They are uniquely crispy, which makes them great for dunking in coffee. Add a little milk or cream in your coffee to make the flavors in this pairing pop even more.

4. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies and Pinot Noir

The general rule of wine and cookie pairings is to choose a wine that is slightly sweeter than the cookie. This pairing breaks that rule, but in the most delicious way! The richness in the white chocolate and macadamia nuts does an excellent job of coaxing subtly sweet cherry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors from the wine.

The nuttiness of the macadamias in these cookies complements pinot noir’s earthy qualities, while the pinot’s gentle acidity helps to cut the white chocolate’s creaminess. Serve this pairing following a dinner party or gift to a host or hostess.

5. Butter Crunch Cookies and Tawny Port

Tawny port, unlike other types of port, spends years aging in wooden casks, where the port takes on a golden-brown hue and develops complex layers of flavors. This medium-sweet dessert wine has a sweet, nutty taste and features hints of caramel, apricot, and toasted sugar. This flavor profile makes it a spectacular companion for the buttery, toffee flavors of our butter crunch cookies.

Tate’s Bake Shop has lots of delicious cookies to choose from, including chocolate chip, coconut crisp, butter crunch, and other flavors. Try our crispy cookies with your favorite drink for a delicious snack pairing.

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