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Why Your Kitchen Needs a Cookie Jar

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Cookie Jar

Almost every kitchen has a few tools in common, such as a stove, storage for food, and a sink. However, one thing that every kitchen needs that is not always present is a cookie jar.

Cookie jars are an absolute must-have for any kitchen for a multitude of reasons. Why should this be considered a necessity? Isn’t a cookie jar just a place for cookies to go? Below we list why this container is a lot more useful than you would think!

1. Prevents Cookies from Going Stale

One of the main, and most obvious reasons, for a cookie jar, is that it prevents its contents from going stale. Many modern cookie jars come with a rubber seal in order to prevent baked goods from going stale, which is much easier, and more appealing than putting them in plastic wrap.

2. Keeps Moisture Out and Prevents Mold

Another reason to buy a cookie jar is that it keeps extra moisture from forming in and around baked goods. This helps to prevent mold and maintain freshness, which is especially important for those who make cookies in big batches!

Make sure to purchase a cookie jar with an inner rubber seal to really keep your cookies tasty and fresh.

3. Keeps Away Unwanted Visitors

It’s unpleasant to discover that your cookies have been discovered by bugs, or worse, have been nibbled on by mice. One way to prevent this from happening is to store these and other baked goods in a cookie jar. Types that can help prevent this include ceramic, glass, and tin.

These types of cookie jars are especially popular due to their ability to keep out many common household pests.

4. Is Easily Accessible

If you, a family member, or house guest wants dessert, there’s usually some degree of having to locate it in the pantry or cupboard, then fiddle with plastic containers, tin foil, a bag, or some other receptacle.

With a cookie jar, it’s easy to know where dessert is and how to get it. All one has to do is walk over to the counter, and take the lid off the jar!

5. Gives Personality to Your Kitchen

There are endless colors, shapes, and sizes of cookie jars that are available. Mix colors or sizes to create a visual display on your kitchen counter.

 You could get a jar that is personalized to you and based on:

  • Your favorite treat
  • Your favorite animal
  • A popular tv show
  • The motif of your kitchen
  • A meaningful saying or quote

White ceramic cookie jars are a classic choice because of their sleek, timeless look. Glass ones are also growing in popularity.

When in doubt, if you’re out of topics for discussion with guests, your unique cookie jar can be a great way to restart a conversation. This can especially be the case if you pick something that reflects your personality.

More than Just a Cookie Jar

Even though it seems that cookie jars have just one use, they can actually serve a multitude of purposes. For those who have a cookie jar in their kitchen, they can use it to not only prevent baked goods from going bad, but also to reflect their personality and start conversations.

If you’re looking for a cookie jar for your kitchen, we have a classic white ceramic jar that can come pre-filled with different kinds of Tate’s Bake Shop cookies.

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