Afternoon Retreat Tray Large


Everyone needs a quiet moment in the middle of the day to recharge. Make it perfect with a gift basket filled with crispy chocolate chip and butter crunch cookies and moist, delicious macaroons. We'll add a bag of our buttery shortbead cookies and a sour cream coffee cake as well. We'll deliver it right to their door!


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  • One, 7 oz bag chocolate chip cookies (approx. 14 cookies per bag)


  • One, 7 oz bag butter crunch cookies (approx. 14 cookies per bag)


  • One, 8 oz bag coconut macaroons cookies (approx. 12 cookies per bag)


  • One, 8 oz bag shortbread (approx 6 cookies per bag)


  • One, 7" sour cream coffee cake


  • White Wash Wood Crate


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