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Hope You're On The Mend


Send warm wishes for a speedy recovery with our 'Hope You're On The Mend' set, elegantly presented in a copper-toned galvanized tin. Find a comforting selection of treats to lift spirits, including classic chocolate chip cookies and tropical coconut macaroons. Enjoy the bright and tangy flavors of our lemon tea loaf, along with the indulgent richness of a brownie and blondie. Savor the comforting goodness of our crumb cake, perfect for soothing the soul. This thoughtful collection is sure to bring a touch of sweetness to recovery!


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  • One, 7 oz bag chocolate chip cookies (approx. 14 cookies per bag)

  • One, 8 oz bag coconut macaroons (approx. 12 cookies per bag)

  • One, 12 oz lemon tea loaf

  • One, 4 oz brownie

  • One, 4 oz blondie

  • One, 4 oz crumb cake

  • Copper toned, galvanized tin