Serving Sizes: 5" cake serves 6 to 8,  7" cake serves 10 to 12,  8" cake serves 14 to 20, 10" cake serves 25 to 35, 12" cake serves 40 to 50, half sheet cake serves 50 to 70.
Carrot carrot cake/cream cheese filling/cream cheese icing $24 $40 $65 $90 $130 $170
Chocolate Fudge Cake chocolate cake/fudge filling/fudge icing $19.50 $36 $52 $67 $100 $140
Chocolate Mousse Oreo cookie crust/chocolate mousse/fresh whipped cream topping not available $38 not available $70 not available not available
Coconut yellow cake/coconut filling/coconut buttercream icing covered in coconut flakes $19.50 $36 $52 $67 $100 $140
Golden Fudge yellow cake/fudge filling/fudge icing $19.50 $36 $52 $67 $100 $140
Ice Cream Cake vanilla and chocolate ice cream with Tate’s chocolate chip cookies in the center and on the bottom. ($30.00) not available not available $30 not available not available not available
Lemon yellow cake/lemon curd filling/lemon buttercream icing with cake crumbs on sides $19.50 $36 $52 $67 $100 $140
Marie Antoinette a layered cake from bottom to top, consists of yellow cake, raspberry jam, raspberry buttercream/chocolate cake, chocolate mousse/yellow cake/iced with vanilla buttercream/topped with marzipan and apricot jam glaze/cake crumbs and almonds on the sides $24 $40 $65 $90 $130 $175
Red Velvet chocolate cake/cream cheese filling/cream cheese icing $24 not available not available not available not available not available
Salted Caramel chocolate cake/salted caramel buttercream filling/salted caramel buttercream icing with caramel drizzled down the sides/sprinkled with chocolate crispies and sea salt on top $24 $40 $65 $90 $130 $175
Vanilla Buttercream yellow cake/vanilla buttercream filling/vanilla buttercream icing $19.50 $36 $52 $67 $100 $140
Create Your Own Cake
Please note: for special occasion cake orders, we request a minimum notice of 48 hours.You may order a special occasion cake made the following combinations of cake, filling and icing:
Carrot Cream cheese Cream cheese
Chocolate Chocolate buttercream Chocolate buttercream
Vanilla Chocolate fudge Chocolate fudge
  Coconut buttercream Coconut buttercream
  Lemon curd or Buttercream Coconut flakes
  Raspberry jam or buttercream Lemon buttercream
  Strawberry jam or buttercream Vanilla buttercream
  Vanilla buttercream  
Be sure to ask us about pricing and seasonal specials.
Peanut Butter
Red Velvet
Cookie Dough
Salted Caramel
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