You Are Amazing!

Reward that amazing person in your life who deserves a whole lot of gratitude with a gift packed with superlative taste! From crispy Tate's chocolate chip cookies and buttery shortbread, to scrumptious macaroons, decadent brownies and more, every bite lets them know just how much they're appreciated (the sleeve of David Bradley Chocolatiers dark chocolate nonpareils are substituted with an extra brownie or blondie during the warmer months).
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  • One, 8 oz bag chocolate chip cookies (approx. 13 cookies)

  • One, 8 oz bag oatmeal cookies (approx. 13 cookies)

  • One, 8 oz bag coconut macaroons (approx. 12 cookies)

  • One, 8 oz bag shortbread (approx. 5 cookies)

  • One, 4 oz brownie

  • One, 4 oz blondie

  • One, 7" sour cream coffee cake

  • One, 10 pc sleeve dark chocolate nonpareils, David Bradley Chocolatiers

  • Natural, wood tray
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