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Our original bake shop is located in Southampton, NY, and is one of the most popular spots in town throughout the year, especially with the incredible aromas of fresh-baked treats that tempt our customers. Bring that feeling to someone special with this elegant copper basket filled with customer favorites, from our signature chocolate chip cookies to the sweetly sensational chocolate chip pie.


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  • One, 7 oz bags chocolate chip cookies (approx. 14 cookies per bag
  • One, 8 oz bag coconut macaroons (approx. 12 cookies per bag)
  • One, 4 oz blondie
  • One, 4 oz brownie
  • One, 4 oz crumb cake
  • One, 9" chocolate chip pie
  • One, 12 oz lemon tea loaf
  • Copper toned galvanized tin

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